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LED lighting upgrades and tunable white implementation creates an optimal environment, energizes your team and provides health, sustainability and efficiency benefits immediately!

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Highly Efficient LED Fixtures

LED fixtures emit almost no forward heat while traditional bulbs convert more than 90% of the energy used to power them directly to heat. That means only 10% of their energy is actually used for light. LEDs are extremely efficient and retrofit projects typically result in 60-75% savings on lighting loads.


Smart Lighting Controls

0-10V and DALI lighting control nodes provide fixture level control, zoned control options and monitoring across your entire space. On board PIR / Lux sensors add occupancy-based and Lux level-based control. Dimming, scheduling and color tuning are also available. All Magnum devices can stand-alone or integrated into a BACnet-Based System.


HVAC Control Options Available

Magnum also offers intelligent solutions for HVAC systems. Our smart controllers communicate wirelessly with sensors to control spaces based on occupancy. Custom scheduling provides additional levels of control and increases savings potential.


Massive Lighting Load Savings

Most LED lighting retrofit projects result in a 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the location's lighting.


optimize health & Raise Productivity

Offices, medical facilities and schools can see immediate benefits related to health, productivity, sustainability and focus when tunable white technology is implemented.


On-Bill Uility Financing

Location dependent utility funding means no up-front, out of pocket capital. On-bill funding by utility providers may be available for LED lighting upgrades and smart control implementation.

long range

exclusive Long Range technology

Magnum offers exclusive EnOcean Long Range communication. This increases the wireless range by up to 3x of what our competitors offer.



Scalable & Adaptable to fit your needs


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